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WC icons set – ARA3421001



  • 1x Man black
  • 1x Woman black
  • 1x Man Silver
  • 1x Woman Silver

High of Sticker: 18cm (to fix with transfer paper)

How to place the icons:

Clean the door:Please make sure, that the surface is clean, grease-free and dry before you begin with the fixing progress. (not fresh polished or waxed)Positioning: Calibrate the sticker at eye level and centered of the door leaf, fix it with two strips (left and right) of tape.Fixing: Also fix a thired tap on the lower edge of the sticker, after that remove the tapes left and right. The sticker will fall downRemove Backing paper:Carefully remove the backing paper. (Don’t remove the tape on the lower edge)Bonding: Stick the transfer foil beginning from the bottom upwards.Remove Transfer paper: After carefully sticking the transfer paper, remove it with the tape.

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